Intro Set


终于迎来了灵魂之音新的“intro”学生镲片包的发布。“intro”学生镲片包主要包括:14‘’脚踏钹、16”碎音钹和20”叠音钹,这种组合是为了让有抱负的艺术家有一个更好的开始。这些镲片由镲片大师Smiths在我们土耳其的工厂定制——全过程由灵魂之音镲片的创始人Iki Levy监制。该产品包装将包括:一个带有内垫的灵魂之音镲片包和一个时尚盒子,以便完美的呈现。


It has finally been released; the new Soultone “Intro” Student Cymbal Pack. It includes 14″ Hi Hats, 16″ Crash, and a 20″ Ride cymbals to get any aspiring artist off to a great start. These cymbals have been developed with the master cymbal smiths at our factory in Turkey – with the complete process overseen by Soultone Cymbals founder, Iki Levy. The package will include a padded Soultone Cymbals bag, and be delivered in a stylish box to allow for easy display.