Soultone Cymbals Artist Ron Allen Jr. & FUSION RA Cymbals

Soultone Ron Allen Jr

Soultone Artist Ron Allen has worked with Iki Levy to develop his new signature FUSION RA Cymbals. These cymbals have been especially developed to reflect the commitment and passion that Ron Allen Jr. brings everytime he steps on the stage. Look for new videos of Ron live on tour with “Eve” and “Gwen Stefani”, and more great videos at our own Soultone Studio.


Soultone Namm 2017 Ron Allen and Signature Cymbals  Soultone Ron Allen Jr 2Soultone Ron Allen Eve Stage Soultone Ron Allen eve tour Soultone Ron Allen the real eve Soultone Ron Allen Cymbals Soultone Ron Allen Live Setup Soultone Ron Allen Live Soultone Ron Allen Fusion RASoultone Ron Allen Live 2


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“Soultone Cymbals would like to welcome Drum Life as a new dealer in China. Based in the city of JiLin; Drum life has been working hard to develop their retail (and education) business since 2016.

Drum life can be reached at the following: 

Building NO.401 Chuangchun, Mingzhu Quarter, Nanguan District Chuangchun City, JiLin Province.

Phone: 13298886385

WeChat: w1871589691

Soultone Cymbals and Drum life thank you for your ongoing support, and look forward to serving you together in the future”

Soultone Artist Lloyd Yamid – CD Release

Lloyd Jan 6 2017
soultone艺术家Lloyd Yamid,将在2017年1月6号的香港Fringe Dairy、以及2017年1月7号的香港Orange Peel,带来全新CD,并且举行CD发行派对。


Soultone Artist Lloyd Yamid, based in Hong Kong will have back to back CD release parties in Hong Kong at the Fringe Dairy on Jan 6th, and then Orange Peel on Jan 7th.

Lloyd’s new CD “An Inspiration” has some top Hong Kong talent, and shows off both Lloyds great playing and his new set of Soultone Extreme cymbals.


Lloyd Jan 6 2017

Lloyd Jan 7 2017

Soultone 藝術家張哲和Nick Smith “NSG”镲片的故事

Zhang Zhe NSG Cymbals

Soultone 藝術家張哲和Nick Smith “NSG”镲片的故事

在中國soultone藝術家張哲第一時間購買了soultone最新產品Nick Smith “NSG”系列镲片。對於這款镲片而言,張哲是它們最好的歸宿。因為緣分,在Nick Smith訪問中國的最後時候,張哲有幸與其會面。

歡迎在線觀看Nick Smith “NSG”镲片系列影音并查找您附近的經銷商。




Soultone Artist 張哲 / Zhang Zhe and Nick Smith “NSG” Cymbals

Soultone Artist 張哲 / Zhang Zhe  is the first person to purchase the new Nick Smith NSG series cymbals in China! They could not have gone to a better home, as 張哲 / Zhang Zhe  was able to meet Nick in person on his last visit to China.

Check out the Nick Smith “NSG” Cymbals online, and at a Soultone Cymbals dealer near you.