Soultone Cymbals Artists in Loudi – Hunan, China


These 3 great Soultone Cymbals and Soundwave Master Drumsticks artists will be together in Loudi, Hunan province, China on December 22-23. All three will be bringing their own special flavor of performance to the audience – and if we are lucky we may have pre-Christmas jam session on the drums!

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Lloyd Yamid –

Anton Shumeev –

Fravian Concha –






Soultone Cymbals Artist – Chris Polanco on tour with Grasshopper (草蜢)

Grasshopper Live Goes On

Watch for Hong Kong icons Grasshopper as they take to their 2017 “Live Goes On” tour, sharing their legendary songs, style and performance energy. Soultone Cymbals Artist Chris Polanco is right there with them, laying it down on percussion, and Soultone Cymbals!


Chris can also be found performing with Justin Lo (側田) on December 8th and 9th, as well as with Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅) from December 23th through January 3rd 2018.

Chris is one of the first call session multi-instrumentalists in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Southern China. Soultone Cymbals thanks Chris for his ongoing loyalty and support.

Soultone Cymbals Chris Polanco Nov 17 Soultone Cymbals Chris Polanco Grasshopper

Soultone Cymbals Artist – Hao Han – HKG International Drummer Festival Asia Pacific Winner 2017

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 11.59.40 PM

See new Soultone Cymbals Artist Hao Han with a great set of ABBY Cymbals

Hong kong international Drummer Festival Asia Pacific Drummer Competition @ArtisTree Taikoo Place 15 Aug 2017 Asia Pacific Open Class Winner 香港國際鼓手節 2017 亞太區鼓手比賽公開組冠軍-郝漢 地點:太古坊 Artistree Piece: Knights of Cydonia 表演樂曲: Knights of Cydonia Recording and Mixing:TimeTravel Studio 錄音後期: 時間旅行工作室


  • 20″ ABBY Ride
  • 18″ ABBY Crash
  • 16″ ABBY Crash
  • 14″ ABBY Hi Hat


Soultone Cymbals Hao Han 1


HKG Drum Festival