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Anton Shumeev

热烈欢迎艺术家—Anton Shumeev加入Soultone大家庭, Anton现今立足于在上海,并且已经开始在全中国展现其技术才能和音乐天赋。

Anton出生在俄罗斯家庭的音乐世家,现在在中国上海发展。他的母亲是乐队指挥,这与Anton与音乐紧密相连有不可分的关系。他十岁就开始学鼓,并参加学校一个叫The Bowners 的学校乐队。在那个时候Nirvana和Red Hot Chili Peppers对他有很大的影响。

他15 岁的时候在音乐学校毕业后,在一所音乐学院学习了四年的打击乐。他游遍了全俄罗斯,并参加了几个音乐艺术节和比赛。Anton在大学的时候,学习很多著名鼓手的作品,其中包括DennisChambers, Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Gadd, 和Dave Weck,这些学习彻底改变了他的学鼓思维。他学会了模仿他们的风格并且重现他们作品的整个部分。

大学毕业后,Anton搬到了俄罗斯的圣彼得堡,在文化艺术大学学习。在他五年的大学期间,他参加了几个不同音乐流派的乐队。他了解到了一些新一代的鼓手,包括Ronald Bruner Jr, Eric Moore,Chris Coleman, and Aaron Spears。他们尖端的表演、新思想、新方法,还有一些突破性的表演,影响到Anton打鼓的演奏风格和思维方式。


退伍后,Anton开了一家叫DrumStep的儿童鼓乐的私立学校。他22岁就赢得了 Zildjian Drummer Love Europe国际比赛,并在23 岁带着他的迪斯科方克乐队TB band搬到中国。搬到上海之前,他与他们一起工作了一年,从那以后就在上海待到了今天。作为上海音乐会的乐队支柱,Anton跟Bl (原 EDM/迪斯科/放克)和Luis Coelho (原前卫摇滚)这样的乐队合作。

Anton同样也是一个独立的表演者和音乐家。在 2016 年他发表了他第一张DVD ‘Inspiration'(灵感),在其中表演他自己的原创作品,以及追溯了给予他最大灵感的鼓手的一些作品,如Nick Smith, Eric Moore 和Aaron Spears等鼓手的作品。



Based now in Shanghai, China – Anton Shumeev was born in Russia into a family of musicians. His mother was an orchestra conductor and Anton was closely connected with music. He took up drums at the age of ten, playing in a music school orchestra and in a school music group called ‘The Bownes’.  At that time Nirvana and Red Hot Chili Peppers had a very strong influence on him.

After graduating music school at the age of 15 he studied percussion at a music college for four years. He toured all over Russia and took part in several music festivals and competitions. During his time at college Anton studied the work of famous drummers including Dennis Chambers, Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Gadd, and Dave Weckl. It revolutionized his drumming. He learned to imitate their style and reproduce whole sections of their work.

After college Anton moved to Saint Petersburg, Russia, to study at the University of Culture and Arts. During his five years at university he played with several bands across a range of musical genres. He learned about a new generation of drummers including Ronald Bruner Jr, Eric Moore, Chris Coleman, and Aaron Spears.  Their cutting-edge performances, new ideas, new grooves and phrases, and ground-breaking techniques influenced Anton’s approach to drumming, playing style, and way of thinking.

After graduating university Anton completed one year of military service, playing with a military orchestra and undertaking eight to ten hours of classes per day – sight reading and learning rudiments. He was the director of the drumming show, and in this role participated in the Hamina Tattoo International Military Music Festival in Finland to great acclaim.

After the army Anton opened ‘’DrumStep’’, a private drumming school for children. He won the international competition Zildjian Drummer Love Europe at the age of 22, and at 23 moved to China with his disco-funk group ‘TB Band’. He worked with them for one year before moving to Shanghai, where he remains to this day. A mainstay of the Shanghai music scene, Anton plays with bands such as ‘B1’ (original EDM/disco/funk) and ‘Luis Coelho Band’ (original progressive rock).

Anton also works as a independent performer and session musician. In 2016 he released his first DVD, ‘Inspiration’, in which he plays his own original work as well as some tracks from drummers who served as his biggest inspiration, such as Nick Smith, Eric Moore and Aaron Spears.

«My free time I dedicate to my own projects, compose some tunes   that allows me to express myself in music».
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My Soultone Set: 
  • 21” Natural Crash / Ride
  • 21″ Vintage Old School Patina Crash / Ride
  • 14” Natural High Hats
  • 14” Gospel China
  • 15” FXO6 Crash
  • 18” FXO6 Crash
  • 10” FXO5 Splash
  • 17” Custom Brilliant Crash
  • 18” Custom Brilliant Crash