Asami 05


Asami is an incomparable artist for her expressiveness and dynamics. She started learning Jazz dance from 3 years old, the drums from 5, the piano from 6, then percussion from 10. At 10 years old, she began to offer her lyrics and songs as a singer-songwriter. 


Asami has collaborated with Japanese traditional instruments like Koto, Shakuhachi, and Taiko.


In 2006, she had a tour and visited South Africa, Singapore, Vietnam, and Kenia and performed as a percussion player, drummer, vocal, and dancer with foreign artists. In South Africa, she did choreography, staging, lecture of Japanese Taiko drums and appeared on some radio programs.


In 2012, she played with TM Stevens, and released ‘Gimme Shelter’. Being very well received, it is now taking her around the world – joining in collaborations, and brining the music of Asami to the world.

2012年,她與TM Stevens一起合作推出了《Gimme Shelter》廣受好評。現在她與世界各地的音樂人合作,也將Asami的音樂風潮推上世界的舞台。

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