Fred Aching Rios

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Fred Aching Rios

Fred Aching Rios在12岁开始打鼓。现在22岁的他在秘鲁利马是一位著名的独立音乐家(鼓手)。

他的父亲(Fred Aching Sr.)教会了他第一堂课后,在接下来的学习过程中他开始跟着专业老师学习理论和实践。得益于此,他不断的练习和完善自己的技术。他获得获得了巨大的进步深受他们的影响,例如Mike Portnoy, Denis Chambers, Akira Jimbo, Jojo Mayer等。



Fred Aching Rios started playing drums at the early age of 12. Today at the age of 22 he is distinguished in Lima – Perú as an independent musician (Drummer).

His father, (Fred Aching Sr.) taught him his first lessons and then started studying theory and technique with personal teachers for the rest of his learning process. Thanks to this, his constant practicing and his desire to perfect his technique, he has acquired great progressive influences such as Mike Portnoy, Denis Chambers, Akira Jimbo, Jojo Mayer, etc.



-DW – DW 9000 // Tarola DW Performance Series 2011 14″x8″


-REMO – Drumheads

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