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來自密蘇裏州堪薩斯城的25歲的Kelsey Cook,也被稱為“鼓女”,已經打了15年的鼓了。盡管不像很多其他有才華的音樂家,Kelsey Cook並沒有成長與壹個音樂之家;是音樂“發現”了她。




KC現在已經在音樂世界收獲了很多。她獲得了沃西本恩大學的打擊樂表演學位並且加入了洛杉磯的音樂家學院。作為壹名助理音樂教師,她會私下給學生授課,她現在是密蘇裏州堪薩斯城壹個非營利性的音樂組織Base Academy of Music的壹名成員。


KC也參加了壹些友誼賽,她參加了2007年Nelly組織的全女鼓手試聽音樂會,吉他中心的Drum Offs,並且是代表美國隊獲得了Hit Like A Girl 2013比賽的亞軍,


KC還在美國國家橄欖球聯盟成千上萬人的註視下進行過表演。她也是‘Sticks of Thunder’ Production和Industrial Rhythm’的壹名成員。


Kelsey Cook目前居住在田納西州的納什維爾,她把自己描述為壹名獨立鼓手。作為壹個音樂家,她壹直在尋找更多機會把她的才華向世界展示!


Originally from Kansas City, MO., Kelsey Cook, also known as DrummerGirl – KC, has been drumming for 15 years. Though unlike many other talented musicians, KC didn’t grow up with music in her family history; music found her.


As a young girl, KC was always enthusiastic about music when her mother would take her to live country music concerts, with her eyes mainly focused on the drummer. Many years went by as KC discovered she had excellent, speedy hand eye coordination by competing in cup stacking competitions, and became the ‘Speed Stacking Champion of Missouri’ in the third grade and on! Two years later, with much consistency, she finally got to begin drum lessons and her family was pleasantly surprised.


KC has now accomplished and experienced a great amount in the music world. She has a Percussion Performance Degree from Washburn University and has attended Musicians Institute in L.A. She has taught privately, performs as a clinician and is a member of Base Academy of Music, a non-profit music organization based out of Kansas City, Missouri.

Friendly competition has also been something KC has been involved in, by participating in Nelly’s all female drumline auditions in 2007, Guitar Center’s Drum Offs, and being in the top three of the Hit Like A Girl 2013 competition as the U.S. winner and second runner up.


KC has been on the snare line of the (NFL) Kansas City Chiefs RUMBLE Drumline, performing for several thousands of people before and during the big games! She has also been a member of the ‘Sticks of Thunder’ Production  and ‘Industrial Rhythm.’

Currently residing in Nashville, TN., Kelsey Cook considers herself to be an independent drummer, at the moment. She is always looking for more projects to grow as a musician and take her talents across the world!


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