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Lawrence LB Breaux

Ronnie Lawrence Breaux Jr. (簡稱LB)出生及成長於美國南加州。他是國際著名的器樂家和製作人,是行業內最受追捧的旅行音樂家之一。與他的其他一些同行的經歷一樣,他也是從少年時期便開始在教堂演奏。他的父母皆是音樂愛好者,媽媽還是唱詩班的成員。




LB憑藉他的特殊的天賦和專業精神,出現在最熱門的娛樂節目及音樂會上,包括《全美音樂獎》、《美國偶像》、《奧普拉脫口秀》及其他世界各地舉辦優質活動上。他除了與越來越多的白金唱片歌手合作之外,還自2005年起開始協助R&B/Pop巨星Robin Thicke。他同時還製作唱片,曾與知名藝人如Robin Thicke, N’Dambi, Hodges Taylor 等一起合作進行創作及錄音。






Ronnie Lawrence Breaux Jr. – “LB” – was born and raised in Southern California. He is an internationally celebrated instrumentalist and producer. He’s established hisself as one of the industry’s most sought after touring musicians. Like many others, he started playing in church as a teenager. His parents we both active members and his mother was over the choir.

Through careful observation, trial and error, LB learned to master the drums. His two primary examples were also drummers for the choir. One was very demonstrative full of tricks, the other was technical but maintained the pocket. He used these two influences to develop his unique, high-energy solid musical style.

Respected not only for his exceptional talent but also his professionalism, LB secures the hottest performances and concert slots in entertainment including The American Music Awards, American Idol, The Oprah Winfrey Show and a host of high profile activations worldwide. In addition to supporting a growling list of platinum recording artists, he has consistently backed R&B/Pop superstar Robin Thicke since 2005. He’s also produced records, co-wrote and recorded with artists such as Robin Thicke, N’Dambi, Hodges Taylor and others.

Although he loves playing, LB’s creativity and entrepreneurial spirt have enabled him to exercise his potential beyond the kit. He’s facilitated clinics and masterclasses from Los Angeles to London. That coupled with his investments in finance, real estate and fashion make him a trailblazer as a performing musician.

Giving back and helping others are two of his longstanding passions. They are what drive his activism in molding young talent and enhancing communities wherever he goes. When LB isn’t working, he can be found on the golf course or enjoying time with his family and friends. He and his wife a proud parents of their son, Kristopher.

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