Lloyd Yamid

Independent, Session Artist
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Lloyd Yamid


当他搬来香港后,Lloyd实现了很多他以前都不敢想象的事情。他第一次能够和许多才华横溢的菲律宾和香港的音乐家一起玩音乐。也非常荣幸的与香港著名艺术家夏韶声、邓紫棋(G.E.M)还有Rodger Cheung一起工作。


在网上和商店里可浏览Lloyd Yamid的独奏专辑“灵感“”的视频和录制过程。
灵魂之音设备:  极致系列 :
极致叠音钹 20
极致碎音钹 18 17 16
FXO钹 12 16
极致中国钹 14
福音中国钹  12
侧击钹极致 6 12


Lloyd is a passionate drummer originally from Cebu City, Philippines. Even as a child he loved the sound of drums and cymbals, and dreamed of making a name for himself in his chosen music career.

When he relocated to Hong Kong, Lloyd was able to achieve a lot of things he previously would not have imagined. He was first able to play with many of the talented Filipino and Hong Long musicians. It was an honour to perform with well known Hong Kong artists such as Danny Summer, Gloria Tang (G.E.M) and Rodger Cheung. 

As an endorser of Soultone Cymbals, Lloyd has already performed in Clinics in the Philippines, sharing his knowledge, experience and passion for drumming. Look for more educational seminars in Hong Kong and the region.

Lloyd has recently completed a solo album entitled “AN INSPIRATION”, which is released in July 2016. This was recorded with many musicians in Hong Kong, to whom Lloyd has already expressed his lifelong gratitude.

A video of “Seven and Earth” was filmed during the process of recording this CD. Look for  Lloyd Yamid’s solo CD “AN INSPIRATION” online and in stores.

My Soultone Set: 

Extreme 20″ Ride

Extreme 18″, 17″, 16″ Crashes

FXO6 18″, 14″ Effect Crash

FXO12 16″ Effect Crash

Extreme FXO6 China

Extreme 14″ China

Gospel 12″ China

Extreme 14″ High Hats

Extreme Splash 6″, 12″