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Mark Allee

作為知名音樂人和頗受歡迎的教育家,住在納什維爾的鼓手Mark Allee從舞台、教室及錄音室三處共同打造出他那令人印象深刻的職業生涯。Mark來自加州北部,曾經在洛杉磯地區居住和工作過,之後在2014年搬到了「美國音樂城」,希望可以傳播他對於鼓的理論及藝術家關係的研究。


Mark在好萊塢音樂家學院拿到表演學學位之後便開始教授不同年級及不同舞台的表演者。隨著善於鼓勵學生的名聲日益增長,Mark開始劃撥出專門的時間與RockStar Music Education合作,在School of Rock學校的音樂項目上教授從5歲及以上的孩子和其他學生。


Mark目前是Trig Country的鼓手,並常常與Maggie Rose一起演出。作為一個活躍的鼓手,Mark曾與許多明星藝術家合作過,包括Leon Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Sammy Hagar, Cash Presley, McKenna Faith等。


作為一個一直在路上的音樂人,Mark的足跡遍佈全美,從俄勒岡州和愛達荷州到舊金山和拉斯維加斯。為了支持“Country Cruising 2014”,Mark還曾出海登上挪威明珠號郵輪演出。Mark在多種領域內皆有出色表現,包括搖滾和藍調布魯斯,他的多才多藝、專業精神、演出技巧及音樂能力,使得他寫的歌曲的每個音符都讓他成為任何表演或錄音的首選。



As a top-call musician and in-demand educator, Nashville-based

drummer Mark Allee has already forged an impressive career that

spans the stage, classroom, and studio. Originally from Northern

California, Mark lived and worked in the Los Angeles area before

moving to “Music City USA” in 2014 with the goal of spreading his

extensive knowledge of drum set theory and artist relations.


After graduating with a degree in Performance at the Musicians

Institute in Hollywood CA, Mark began teaching players of all ages

and stages. As his reputation for inspiring young students grew, Mark

carved out a niche for himself by specializing in teaching kids from

ages 5 and up in renowned music programs at the School of Rock and

with RockStar Music Education


Mark is currently the drummer for Trig Country and often performs

with Maggie Rose. As an active performing and session drummer, Mark has

played and recorded with/and alongside such superstar

artists as Leon Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Sammy Hagar, Cash

Presley, McKenna Faith and many others.


As a touring musician Mark has played in venues and arenas

across the U.S. from Oregon and Idaho-to San Francisco and Las Vegas. Mark even set out to sea while performing on the Norwegian Pearl in support of “Country Cruising 2014.”

Specializing in a variety of genres to include Rock and Blues, Mark’s versatility, professionalism, showmanship and ability to recreate songs note for note has made him a perfect choice for any performing or recording situation.


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