Matt McGuire

Independent / Bomb’s Away
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Matt McGuire

Matt McGuire是布裏斯班壹個令人興奮的澳大利亞鼓手,他在20歲的時候已經取得了壹些大的成就。


Matt 目前正在Bombs Away這個樂團,這是澳大利亞最大的舞團,他們已經擁有了壹張偉大的以充滿活力的現場表演聞名的白金唱片。樂隊的全國巡回演出以奶田油音樂節和澳大利亞夏季節日的國際大型比賽為主要代表。Bombs Away首張單曲“單身派對”在6周內銷售達100萬張。他們的新單曲“漸入佳境”打破了美國公司牌排行榜。當Matt沒有巡回演出時,他會在演播室攝制他的YouTube頻道,現在已經有超過3,000,000瀏覽量了。




Matt McGuire is an exciting Australian Drummer from Brisbane with some big achievements to his name already at the young age of 20!

Matt currently plays with ‘Bombs Away’ which is one of Australia’s biggest Dance Acts who have built a great reputation for energetic live shows alongside their Gold and Platinum Records. The band has toured Nationally as a main act for Cream Fields and has played countless Summer Festivals in Australia & internationally to huge crowds. ‘Bombs Away”s debut single Party Bass went Platinum within 6 weeks. Their new single Better Luck Next Time was awarded break out Single on the US Billboard Charts! When his not on the road touring, his in the studio recording covers for his YouTube Channel that now has well over 3,000,000 views!

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