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Ray “Quasi” Nelson

Ray Ellis Nelson II,作為Pax電視臺兩檔節目 “Americas Most Talented Kids” 和”Its Showtime at the Apollo”中的Lil Ray贏家而為人所知,出生並成長於佛羅裏達州的西棕櫚灘。在音樂世家長大的他,深受各種類型音樂的影響,在3歲時就顯露出對於鼓手的熱愛。祖父是壹位爵士鼓手,也是他孩童時代早期絕大多數時間的第壹位私教,持續教會了他音樂的入門知識與閱讀音樂的能力。受福音音樂的強烈影響,他從小就發展出了壹種手腳並用的理想的技能。當在初衷加入爵士樂隊時,Ray立即為這種音樂風格所吞沒,向Art Blakey, Max Roach, and Buddy Rich等樂隊的鼓手們學習。這應該改變了這以後Ray的鼓手演奏方式。


在Quasi (Ray)高中畢業之時,他已經發行了首張名為Out the Box的DVD專輯,在國際上演出,參與好幾檔電視演出,登上了Modern Drummer雜誌的專題,並且捕獲了多種流派音樂大家的關註和音樂聽覺。


如今在佛羅裏達A&M大學爵士專業上大四的他,參與過大學所提供的幾乎所有音樂合奏演出,諸如為遊行樂隊、打擊樂隊、爵士樂隊、多個招聘團隊以及所有的劇場音樂演出做演奏。在鼓聲背後所顯示出的Ray的多樣技巧,使他能夠演奏所有類型的音樂。與不同樂隊的合作以及世界上壹些著名的藝術家們壹起工作,包括但不止Nat Adderley Jr., Scotty Barnhart, Longineu Parsons, 以及Ron McCurdy這些。Ray還是2014年迪斯尼樂園全美大學樂隊比賽的指定鼓手。





Ray Ellis Nelson II, formally known as Lil Ray Winner of Pax t.v. “Americas Most Talented Kids” and “Its Showtime at the Apollo”, was born and raised in West Palm Beach Florida. Growing up in a family of musicians, he was heavily influenced by all types of music and since the age of 3 has been pursuing his passion for the drums. His Grandfather being a Jazz drummer was Ray’s first private instructor for most of his early childhood teaching him persistently on rudiments and the ability to read music. With a heavy gospel influence, developing a good “pocket” along with foot and hand speed were ideal skills for him to develop from an early age. When he joined the Jazz band in middle school, Ray was immediately engulfed in the style of the music, studying drummers such as Art Blakey, Max Roach, and Buddy Rich. This would change the way Ray played from that moment on.

By the time Quasi(Ray) graduated high school, he had released his debut DVD entitled “Out the Box,” performed internationally, several television performances, featured in Modern Drummer magazine, and captured the eye and ear of many big time musicians of multiple genres.

Currently in his Senior year at Florida A&M University where he studies Jazz, Ray is involved with almost every musical ensemble the university has to offer including the marching band, percussion ensemble, jazz band, multiple recruitment groups, and playing for all the theatre musical productions. Rays versatile skill set behind the drums have led him to play all genres of music. Playing with various bands and working with some of the most well known artist in the world, including but not limited to Nat Adderley Jr., Scotty Barnhart, Longineu Parsons, and Ron McCurdy. Ray was also the featured drummer in the 2014 Disneyland All-American College band.

Humbled by all of his experiences thus far, Ray continues to focus on growing not only as a drummer, but as a producer, entrepreneur and an overall better musician.

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