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Ron在六歲的時候就成為了加利福尼亞州聖安娜的Greater Light Baptist教堂的鼓手,樂團的指揮是Van D. Roberson牧師。他在那裏當鼓手壹直到2003年10月,當時他家裏搬到了密歇根的馬斯基根。在馬斯基根,他馬上成為Bethesda Baptist教堂的鼓手,指揮是Charles W. Poole牧師。Ron還在1999年到2000年在洛杉磯Gospel Messengers做鼓手。




Ron很幸運地加入了美國福音音樂工作室制作年度專輯,在那裏他得到了和很多知名的作曲家和音樂家壹起工作的機會。他還和偉大的福音貝斯手Andre Gouche(Chaka Khan的音樂總監)壹起被選為美國福音音樂工作室德克薩斯州達拉斯巡演鼓手。他後來在同壹張專輯裏做了後期制作工作。


作為壹個音樂家,Ron的制作工作還擴展到了大西洋唱片。Ron的最新作品是和K.D. Brosia, Tyreese Gibson在藍調之屋的壹次合作演出。Ron還在加利福尼亞好萊塢的Roxy進行表演,並且和Toni Braxton在內華達州拉斯維加斯進行了Chaka Khan巡演,並且還接受了“Hannah Montana”的采訪。



For his third birthday Ron received his first real set of drums and his passion for this instrument began to flourish. He continued to accompany his Mother to rehearsals and concerts and would sit with the musicians and attend to the needs of the drummer; getting water, towels, picking up fallen or broken sticks; whatever needed to be done and watching to see what kinds of things he could pick up and practice on at home.


Ron became the drummer at Greater Light Baptist Church in Santa Ana, California under the leadership of Rev. Van D. Roberson at six years of age. He served as the drummer there until October 2003 when his family relocated to Muskegon, Michigan. In Muskegon, he became the drummer for Bethesda Baptist Church under the leadership of Rev. Charles W. Poole, Sr. Ron also served as drummer for the Los Angeles Gospel Messengers from 1999 to 2002.


Ron has worked in Los Angeles and Riverside County as a drummer and bass musician at numerous churches and for different choral groups.


Ron is fortunate to have been called for the Gospel Music Workshop of America yearly album session where he worked alongside noted songwriters and musicians. He was chosen to be the session drummer for the Dallas, Texas session of the GMWA alongside gospel great bassist, Andre Gouche, musical director for Chaka Khan. He later did post production work on that same album.


Ron’s production work extends to the performer TI as a musician on sessions for Atlantic Records.Ron’s latest drum credits are with K.D. Brosia, Tyreese Gibson in an appearance at the House of Blues. Ron has played at the Roxy in Hollywood, California and been considered for gigs with Toni Braxton in her Las Vegas, Nevada dates, Chaka Khan tours, as well as interviewing for the Hannah Montana show.

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