Veronica Bellino

目前與傳奇吉他手JEFF BECK一起合作
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Veronica Bellino

目前與傳奇吉他手JEFF BECK一起合作


過去數年間,Veronica Bellino一直是業內處於上升期的最炙手可熱的年輕鼓手及歌曲作者。她曾與包括Jeff Beck及DMC在內眾多名人一起合作進行歌曲創作及錄音,還曾出演The Game的《Red Nation》音樂錄影帶,作為樂隊成員直接和LL Cool J一起工作,並與傳奇鼓手Carmine Appice及其團隊SLAMM一起進行數度演出。


Veronica曾經參與「國民最喜愛的發片歌手」Rob Balducci的樂隊並參與主要巡演,在2004﹣2007年,與Balducci一起演出以宣傳他的唱片《The Color of Light》;曾與Richie Kotzen一起於英國演出;與Michael Schenker, Uli John Roth, Nuno Bettencourt, UFO, James Labrie, Vernon Reid等於美國演出。2006年7月,Rob Balducci的樂隊與同屬一家唱片公司的Dave Weiner (Steve Vai)組團進行為時一周的巡演《A Night of Pure Guitar》,足跡遍至匹茲堡、印第安納波利斯、堪薩斯、聖路易斯及芝加哥等地。


Veronica獲得傳奇搖滾鼓手Carmine Appice首肯及獲邀加入他的集活力、爆發力及體力要求於一體的團體「SLAMM!!」。以「瘋狂的跺腳」鼓手的美譽,Veronica與其他三個電子鼓手及一個吉他手一起參與了Appice的多場演出。SLAMM曾因為一段專為全國運動汽車競賽(NASCAR)拍攝的音樂錄影帶在ESPN頻道獲得百萬觀眾收視,該視頻中鼓手們坐在輪胎、工具箱、扳手甚至賽車引擎蓋上表演。


2007年,SLAMM在紐約的「Cutting Room」夜店進行七場表演門票全部售罄;以及在美國普羅維登斯可容納3000人場館進行的三場跨年演出。2008年SLAMM在Dunkin Donuts市政中心與Twisted Sister、Tesla、Winger及其他表演者為Providence Station Family Fund進行表演。SLAMM成員之一的Zoilo Ruiz還曾另行邀請Veronica參加他的「Street Beats Group」舞蹈及打擊樂團。Veronica亦曾在商演中與Ruiz及其他人一起演出包括「Blast」及「Blue Man Group」在內的「非百老匯」打擊樂秀。


2009年2月,Veronica開始為LL Cool J的白金唱片歌手「13」打擊伴奏,以她自己的樂感燃亮整個樂隊的嘻哈搖滾音色。該組合在紐約頂級錄音室「Platinum Sound Studios」錄製了他們的首張專輯,並為LL Cool J的Sears服裝系列拍攝了一支廣告。「13」持續尋找搖滾和嘻哈新方向,以其充滿逗趣及活力的現場表演和舞台風範折服了包括「2009紐約馬拉松」在內的大批聽眾。


現在,Veronica住在洛杉磯,邊寫歌邊為「Stop Making Friends」樂團及NCIS音樂人Pauley Perrette錄製鼓聲音軌。她與製作人MIKE 13和DMC ( RunDMC)共同創作了歌曲《Attention Please》並在歌曲音樂錄影帶裡扮演鼓手,該首歌曾在2011年9月被選為CBS電影《The Insider》的插曲。


Veronica目前正在以鼓手、合作者及歌手身份與傳奇吉他手Jeff Beck一起製作新專輯。Beck在YouTube上搜索「something different」時發現並被Veronica的鼓技所吸引,就立刻聯係了她。他們目前正在洛杉磯錄音室製作新專輯。待專輯發佈之後,Veronica將作為Beck的鼓手與他一起進行巡迴演出。


演出邀請、商業表演及錄音活動讓Veronica Bellino 的事業正在穩步發展。而來自同行、媒體及公司的一貫支持必將將其職業推進到一個新的高度。相信在不久的將來,您會聽到更多來自Veronica的新動態!


Currently playing with Legendary guitarist JEFF BECK.


Over the past few years, Veronica Bellino has been on the rise as one of the industries hottest, young drummer/songwriters. Veronica has been writing/recording with Hall Of Famer, Jeff Beck, has co-written with the legendary DMC, found a national spotlight in The Game’s “Red Nation” video, worked directly with LL Cool J as a member of his signed band, 13, and conquered dozens of stages with drum-icon, Carmine Appice and his SLAMM group.


Veronica found herself on the major circuit after joining Favored Nations Recording Artist, Rob Balducci’s full time band. Promoting his record “The Color of Light,” Veronica performed with Balducci from 2004 to 2007, participating in a UK tour with Richie Kotzen and US shows with Michael Schenker, Uli John Roth, Nuno Bettencourt, UFO, James Labrie, and Vernon Reid. In July 2006, the Rob Balducci band paired with label mate Dave Weiner (Steve Vai) for “A Night of Pure Guitar,” a week long tour of venues in Pittsburg, PA, Indianapolis, IN, Kansas City, MO, St. Louis, MO, and Chicago, IL.


With receiving recognition from the legendary rock drummer, Carmine Appice, Veronica was accepted as a member of his dynamic, explosive, physical drum show called SLAMM!! Described as “Stomp on steroids,” Veronica joined Appice, along with 3 other eclectic drummers and a guitar player to make rock music out of everyday items, as well as drums. SLAMM was seen on ESPN by millions, in a music video that was shot for NASCAR. The Slammers were featured wailing on tires, tool boxes, air wrenches, and the hood of a race car!


In 2007, SLAMM performed 7 sold out shows at the Cutting Room in New York City, and 3 packed shows on New Years Eve at a 3000 seat performance center in Providence. In 2008, SLAMM performed at the Dunkin Donuts Civic Center along with Twisted Sister, Tesla, Winger, and many others for the Providence Station Family Fund. SLAMM member, Zoilo Ruiz, also recruited Veronica to perform with his dance and percussion troupe called the “Street Beats Group.” Veronica performs at corporate events with Ruiz, along with others, delivering the excitement and energy of Off-Broadway hits such as “Blast” and “Blue Man Group.”


In February 2009, Veronica began drumming for LL Cool J’s Platinum Harvest recording artists, 13, illuminating the band’s hip hop-rock sound with her sense of groove and musicianship. The group hit Platinum Sound Studios in New York City to record their debut album, and filmed a national commercial for LL Cool J’s Sears clothing line. 13 continues to lay the ground work for a new direction of rock and hip-hop, captivating audiences on stages such as the 2009 New York Marathon, with their fun spirited and energetic live show.


Currently, Veronica is living in Los Angeles exploring her songwriting opportunities and recording drum tracks for Stop Making Friends, NCIS actress/musician Pauley Perrette’s band. She is also collaborating on songs such as “Attention Please,” which she co-wrote with producer MIKE 13 and DMC ( RunDMC). She took part as the drummer in the music video for the song as well, which is featured on CBS show, The Insider, in September 2011.


Veronica is also working with legendary guitar player, Jeff Beck, on a new record as a drummer, collaborator, and vocalist. Beck discovered Veronica’s drumming talents on YouTube, searching for “something different,” and contacted her right away. The two are extensively working on highly anticipated material in an LA studio. Once the record is released, Veronica will hit the road with Beck as his touring drummer.

With numerous gig commitments, corporate performances, and recording sessions, Veronica Bellino’s career can be safely assessed as on the move. Unanimous support from peers, press, and companies alike continues to propel her career to the next level. You can be certain that you’ll be hearing a lot from Veronica in the very near future!

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